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Persian leaden star company with registration number 10535 , specializing in maritime and port services to various Iranian and foreign ships, which are independent in the field of services in the ports of Khuzestan and Assalouyeh, oil and petrochemical terminals to chemical and gas tankers, bulk vessels, containers and other ships.
This company is represented by experienced personnel to provide all required marine and port services of vessels. With the development of various industries in Iran, as well as increasing production capacity, especially in the petrochemical industry, the company’s policy is based on the expansion of relations between shipowners, exporters and importers, based on the experience of specialist personnel in this company, a variety of marine and port services persent to all ships in southern ports and oil platform of Iran .

Looking at the experiences of past years in the field of vessel servicing throughout the southern ports of Iran, we are now proud to provide ship agency services to some of the ports and terminals in the south of the country, and this company can provide a wide range of shipping and agency activities. Includes agency services , harbor port services, offshore services and vessel crew affairs ….The company’s policy is to do everything in its best to progress of affairs. Our capabilities and abilities are based on the scientific and empirical knowledge of this company in accordance with accepted international and inland standards.